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What leverage can you use for Apple CFDs at as of November 2023?

At, you have the opportunity to use a maximum leverage of 5:1 for Apple CFDs. This implies that with a $1,000 deposit, you can trade Apple CFDs worth up to $5,000, as you have a five times multiplier on your position compared to your deposited capital.

  • In CFD trading, leverage allows you to control larger positions with less capital.
  • While leverage has the potential to increase profits, it also has the potential to magnify losses.
  • When using leverage, traders must be aware of margin requirements and potential margin calls.
  • To protect your account balance, use lower levels of leverage and manage risk effectively.

It is worth noting that offers average fees for trading Apple CFDs. If you would like to see alternatives with lower fees and costs, check out our best CFD brokers list.

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What is leverage?

CFD trading leverage empowers traders to increase position sizes with less capital. It involves borrowing funds from brokers to open trades larger than available funds, offering potential profits but also significant risks.

Using leverage allows control of positions that exceed the amount of your initial investment. However, losses can also be magnified, potentially exceeding capital and triggering margin calls.

Margin calls happen when losses approach the margin level, requiring additional funds to maintain the position. Failure to meet the call may lead to automatic closure. Some brokers offer protections like loss limits or negative balance protection.

Approach leverage with caution, considering its risks. Amplified losses can quickly deplete account balances, and emotions like fear and greed can impair judgment. Managing risk can involve using lower leverage levels, such as 3:1 or 5:1.

Read our article on CFD trading leverage to learn more about the topic.

Apple CFD fees at

Trading Apple stock CFDs gives you the opportunity to speculate on the price movements of Apple stock without owning the actual stocks. You essentially enter into a contract with your broker and can potentially make or lose money based on the changes in the share price of Apple. Note that there are various fees related to trading CFDs.

Apple CFD fees
Apple CFD fee
$22.6 $6.8 $3.2
Apple CFD spread
Apple CFD financing rate
Apple CFD

Data updated on November 20, 2023

There may also be certain non-trading fees charged by To learn more about the costs check out our review where we go into detail about all of the broker's fees.

If the fees at are too high for you, you can head over to our best CFD brokers article to find some better options.

Looking for a CFD broker?

If you are looking for the brokers that offer the best CFD trading conditions, check our top recommendations of the best CFD brokers in the world.

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