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Overview of Fineco Bank fees and charges

When trading or investing at an online broker, fees can have a big impact on your results, so it's good to know what kind of charges you'll be facing and how these compare to fees at other brokers.

If fees are your top concern, Fineco Bank is an OK choice, as it has average fees in general. Check our toplist for cheaper brokers.

I found Fineco Bank's trading fees fairly average
Adam Nasli
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I've personally tested dozens of global brokers, carefully looking at their fees not just on their website but also in the course of live trading. Here's how Fineco Bank fared:

  • Fineco Bank charges low fees for trading stocks and ETFs.
  • There is no inactivity fee even if you leave your account idle for a long time.
  • The basic withdrawal fee is $0, but some transactions may cost more.
  • Read our full review of Fineco Bank for info on safety, trading platforms and funding.
Fineco Bank fees at a glance
Assets Fee level Fee terms
US stock fee Low $3.95 per trade for UK customers; $3.95-$12.95 per trade for Italian customers, depending on the number of monthly trades
EURUSD fee Average The fees are built into the spread, 1 pip is the average spread cost during peak trading hours.
US tech fund fee Low For UK customers: tiered fee of 0.25% of trade value per year (£0 - £250k), 0.15% of trade value per year (£250k - £1m), 0.05% of trade value per year (£1m - £2m), or 0% (£2m+). For Italian customers: €/$9 per trade, but there are ca. 700 free funds.
Inactivity fee Low No inactivity fee

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Fineco Bank trading fees are mixed, with low fees for stocks, ETFs, futures, funds, bonds and most CFDs, but high fees for forex and options. On a positive note, we were impressed by the transparent fee structure.
The fee structure is different for UK and Italian customers. In this review, we calculate UK fees but highlight fees for Italian customers as well.

Low stock and ETF commission

Fineco Bank stock and ETF fees by market
UK stock
US stock
German stock
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Stock Fee Calculator

Confused about fees? Use this tool to see what the commission fee of a specific stock trade would be at Fineco Bank. To check and compare fees at other brokers, go to our main Fee calculator page.

Before doing so, check out our Privacy Policy and our General Terms and Conditions.

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High FX fees

Fineco Bank's forex products are provided as CFDs.

Fineco Bank forex fees
EURUSD spread
1.0 0.8 0.2
GBPUSD spread
1.0 1.2 0.4
AUDUSD spread
3.0 0.8 0.3
EURCHF spread
3.0 1.2 0.5
EURGBP spread
1.0 1.0 0.3
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High options commission

Fineco Bank stock index options commission
US stock index options
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No inactivity fee, no withdrawal fee

It doesn't charge any account, inactivity or deposit fees. There is no withdrawal fee for regular domestic bank and debit card transfers. If you use instant bank withdrawal, it will cost 0.20% (min €0.85, max €2.95). International bank transfer withdrawals cost £19.95.

Inactivity fee
Withdrawal fee
Fineco Bank
Interactive Brokers
Fineco Bank inactivity, withdrawal and other fees
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Other commissions and fees

You can find Fineco Bank's fees for other asset classes below. Click 'Show more' for details.

Low mutual fund commission

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Low futures fees

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Low CFD fees:

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Low bond commission

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High margin rates

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