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Overview of Fidelity International fees and charges

When trading or investing at an online broker, fees can have a big impact on your results, so it's good to know what kind of charges you'll be facing and how these compare to fees at other brokers.

If fees are your top concern, Fidelity International is an OK choice, as it has average fees in general. Check our toplist for cheaper brokers.

I found Fidelity International's trading fees fairly average
Tamás Deme
Long-Term-Investment • Stock Market • ETFs

I've personally tested dozens of global brokers, carefully looking at their fees not just on their website but also in the course of live trading. Here's how Fidelity International fared:

  • Fidelity International charges average fees for trading stocks and ETFs.
  • There is no inactivity fee even if you leave your account idle for a long time.
  • The basic withdrawal fee is $0, but some transactions may cost more.
  • Read our full review of Fidelity International for info on safety, trading platforms and funding.
Fidelity International fees at a glance
Assets Fee level Fee terms
US stock fee Average £7.5 per trade, or £1.5 per trade for regular saving plans. For tax-advantaged accounts, there is also an annual service fee.
EURUSD fee - FX not available
US tech fund fee Low Annual fee based on investments held: £45 flat fee under £7.5k and no monthly regular savings plan (RSP); 0.35% under £7.5k but with RSP, and between £7.5k-£250k; 0.20% between £250k-£1m; no fee on investments over £1m
Inactivity fee Low No inactivity fee

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It has low mutual fund fees and average stock/ETF fees.

Average stock and ETF commission

Fidelity International stock and ETF fees by market
UK stock
US stock
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Low mutual fund commission

Fees for a $2,000 fund purchase
Mutual fund
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High custody fee, no withdrawal fee

There are no inactivity or account fees, and Fidelity International also does not charge any fees after deposits and withdrawals.
However, there is a high conversion fee if you invest in international stocks/ETFs. FX fees are volume-tiered (the more you convert, the lower fee would be)

  • 1.00% up to £10k
  • 0.75% above £10k and up to £20k
  • 0.50% above £20k and up to £30k
  • 0.25% above £30k
Custody fee
Withdrawal fee
Fidelity International
AJ Bell Youinvest
Hargreaves Lansdown
Fidelity International custody, withdrawal and other fees
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Interest earned on uninvested cash

As of the time of the review, Fidelity International provides the following interest rates on uninvested cash:

  • 3.4% for GBP

Check out this short video for a behind-the-scenes peek into how our experts personally test and evaluate brokers.

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