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EasyEquities Review 2024

Written by
Krisztián G.
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Adam N.
6d ago
Regulated and trusted. Tested via live trading.
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Why choose EasyEquities

EasyEquities is a South African stockbroker, authorized by the Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA).

It has low stock and ETF fees and charges no fees for inactivity or withdrawal. Educational materials are varied and high-quality. Opening an account is easy and the process is fully digital. It is a good choice for beginner investors.

On the negative side, there is no live chat and phone support is slow and not helpful. Research tools are limited to stock analyses and very basic charting tools. Lastly, there are only a handful of asset classes available, such as stocks and ETFs.

BrokerChooser gave EasyEquities a 3.8/5 rating based on analyzing 600+ criteria and testing via opening a live account.

  • Low trading fees and non-trading fees
  • Excellent educational materials
  • Easy and fully digital account opening
Overall score
Minimum deposit
Stock fee
Inactivity fee
Account opening
>3 days

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US stock fee
Estimated commission of a $2,000 trade, assuming a $50 stock price


Score: 3.7/5
EasyEquities has low South African stock and ETF fees, and there's also no fee for inactivity or withdrawal. However, it charges a fee for credit/debit card deposit.
  • Low trading fees
  • Low non-trading fees
  • Low stock and ETF fees

We compared EasyEquities's fees with two similar brokers we selected, Saxo and Interactive Brokers. These competitors were selected based on objective factors like products offered, client profile, fee structure, etc. See a more detailed comparison of EasyEquities alternatives.

Low stock and ETF commission

EasyEquities US stock fees are higher than the industry average. US stock fees are calculated as follows: 0.25% per transaction

US stock
Interactive Brokers
EasyEquities stock and ETF commission

No inactivity fee, no withdrawal fee

There are no account, inactivity or withdrawal fees.
There is also no deposit fee if you use a bank transfer. However, credit card transfers cost ZAR 1.60 + 2.3% of the deposited value. The credit card option is available only for ZAR-denominated accounts.

Inactivity fee
Withdrawal fee
Interactive Brokers
EasyEquities inactivity, withdrawal and other fees

Other non-trading fees charged by EasyEquities include currency conversion and account transfer fees:

  • Currency conversion fee ("EasyFX transfer fee"): charged when you convert your funds between ZAR/USD/AUD accounts. The cost is 2% above the mid-FX spot rate, which is considered quite high.
  • Fees for transferring your account to another broker: ZAR 150 for South African assets, $25 for US assets, and AUD 25 for Australian assets. These amounts are per asset - so for example if you hold Apple and Amazon shares in your account, you must pay 2 x $25 to transfer them out, regardless of how many shares you own of each.


EasyEquities is a legit brokerage. It is regulated by the top-tier ASIC, and its parent company is listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange. Among negatives, it offers no investor protection.
  • Parent company listed on JSE
  • Regulated by the top-tier ASIC
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Deposit and withdrawal

Score: 3.3/5
EasyEquities offers free withdrawal, and ZAR account holders can use credit/debit cards for transactions. However, a fee is charged for depositing with a credit card.
  • Free withdrawal
  • Credit/debit cards accepted for ZAR accounts
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Account opening

Score: 3.8/5
Account opening at EasyEquities is fully digital and requires no minimum deposit. However, verifying the account took more than a week for us.
  • Fully digital
  • No minimum deposit
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Mobile app

Score: 4.3/5
The EasyEquities mobile trading platform is user-friendly, has a good search function and offers price alerts. On the negative side, order types and login options are limited.
  • User-friendly
  • Good search function
  • Price alerts
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Web trading platform

Score: 3.3/5
EasyEquities has a user-friendly web trading platform with clear fee reports and excellent search functions. However, there is no two-step login and customizability is limited.
  • User-friendly
  • Clear fee report
  • Good search function
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Product selection

Score: 1.4/5
At EasyEquities, you can invest only in stocks, ETFs and some pre-defined portfolios. However, many other popular asset classes such as bonds or forex are missing.
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“I recommend EasyEquities for long-term investors focusing on stocks and ETFs.”


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Krisztián Gátonyi
Author of this review
I have 15 years of experience in proprietary trading, mainly in the interbank currency market as a foreign exchange risk manager. I'm actively involved in reviewing the 100+ brokers listed on our site. I personally open accounts with real money, execute trades, test customer services. I hold an MSc in International Business from the University of Middlesex. My purpose is to help people find the best investment provider.
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