How to buy stocks on DEGIRO?

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Apr 2024

How to buy stocks on DEGIRO?


You can use DEGIRO's mobile or desktop platform to buy a stock. After going to DEGIRO's website and logging in, you should type the ticker symbol of the stock into the search box in the top left corner.

Click on the green 'B' letter next to the stock, which stands for 'buy'. Now you can select the order type, the default one being 'limit'. Then type the price that you are willing to pay for the stock, and the quantity that you want to buy into their respective fields. Finally, hit the 'place order' button and wait for the confirmation of the order in the pop-up window.

Please note that the order confirmation does not automatically mean that you have bought the stock until you receive the order fulfillment confirmation.  

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Step by step: how to buy on DEGIRO


  1. Go to and click Login
  2. Login with your username and password
  3. Type the ticker symbol of the stock into the search box in the top left corner
  4. Select the stock and click on the green 'B' letter to open the place order box
  5. The place order appeared on the right, make sure that the BUY is highlighted in green
  6. Select the order type, limit order is the default at DEGIRO
  7. Set the price you want to pay for a single stock
  8. Select the quantity you are willing to buy
  9. Hit 'Place Order' to place the buying order
  10. Wait for the order confirmation in the pop-up window
  11. When the order is fulfilled you will get a Fulfillment confirmation
  12. Congratulations, now you successfully bought the stock

How to buy stocks on DEGIRO? -  Web platform login

How to buy stocks on DEGIRO? -  Finding the stock

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