How does DEGIRO pay dividends?

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Apr 2024

How does DEGIRO  pay dividends?


If you own a stock on your DEGIRO brokerage account on the ex-dividend date and teh record date then you have the right for the company's dividends for that period. DEGIRO will deposit the dividends minus the tax on your account on the dividend payment date.


What are dividends and how do they work?


Dividends are a regular cash payment from the company to the owners of the stock. Usually, companies pay dividends once, twice or four times a year, but there are companies that return cash to the owners each month.

How to receive DEGIRO dividends


You have to own the stock on the ex-dividend date and the following day, the record date. Afterwards, DEGIRO will deposit the dividend payment minus the tax advance in your account on the dividend payment date.

Stock dividends

Companies usually return part of their cash flow to owners each year. These regular or extraordinary payments are called dividends. Dividends are paid on a monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis and their amounts are determined by the company's board of directors. 

ETF dividends

ETF-s pay dividends similarly to companies. Please note that the tax residence of the fund (ETF) might be different from its holdings and thus might be subject to different dividend tax rules.


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