Comdirect Review 2017

  • Broad access to a range of products, including stocks, bonds and EUREX derivatives
  • Quality trading platforms both for starters and professional traders
  • Quality CFD offering
  • German speaking only, complicated account opening for foreigners
  • Only 10 foreign markets accessible (Australia, France, UK, Italy, Canada, Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, Spain, USA)
  • Limited newsfeeds, esp. concerning foreign stocks

Comdirect is a quality online broker best suited for German speakers who like to have access to wide range of securities traded on German exchanges, while also doing occasional trades at other major markets.

Comdirect is a German bank, which offers online banking, brokerage and advisory services. It is listed on the stock exchange, majority owned by Commerzbank and regulated by German authorities, all of which underlines its credibility. Funds up to 20k EUR are protected by German investor protection scheme.

While mainly used by German citizens and for trading at German exchanges, Comdirect account can be opened by any EU national, just be prepared that everything is in German.

Comdirect offers comprehensive and customizable trading platforms while keeping a user-friendly interface.

While fees are certainly not the lowest you can find, they compare well with other bank-based brokerages. In terms of fees, Comdirect positions somewhere in the mid-market. It has attractive mutual fund and CFD fees, but relatively high derivative fees. Stock trades with 0.25% variable component + flat fee and ~10 EUR minimum and ~60 EUR maximum caps. 

Comdirect also provides quality CFD offering with access to > 1,200 contracts, individually configurable but an easy-to-use trading platform and supporting analytical features.

  • Seamless account opening process for clients living in Germany (fully online application with VideoID)
  • Possible to get multicurrency account and access to banking products
  • No minimal deposit required for trading account
  • Notarized and apostilled documents with certified translation to German required from other EU nationals
  • One can either place orders directly from the Comdirect website, or use an advanced customizable ProTrader platform suitable even for professional traders
  • Broad access to a range of products, including options and bonds
  • Separate CFD trading account with comprehensive and user-friendly platform, including mobile
  • No forex trading
  • Fast and helpful replies
  • Helpful educational materials, product guides and FAQs available at the website
  • No physical branches, online only
  • Official communication only in German (although you may get English speakers over phone)
  • Relatively competitive trading fees across the product range, esp. for German traded securities
  • Low mutual fund fees
  • No inactivity fee if at least 2 trades per quarter
  • Discounts for frequent traders
  • Trading fee component of 0.25% of the trade volume with cap >60 EUR is relatively high for mid-sized trades
  • Relatively high margin fees for holding CFD contracts overnight
  • Basic market data and fundamental and technical analysis tools available from the website
  • Stock and news selectors
  • More technical analysis options available at ProTrader and CFD Trader platforms
  • Access to advisory via a separate advisory contract
  • No advanced research from external providers
  • Not easy to filter relevant news for specific stocks
  • Major stock markets (USA, Germany, UK)
  • Funds
  • ETF
  • Bonds
  • Options (EUREX only)
  • Warrants (EUREX only)
  • Futures (EUREX only)
  • CFDs

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