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Does City Index provide a demo account?

If you're just getting started in the trading game, using a demo or virtual account is pretty much mandatory before putting any real money on the line. We put City Index under our microscope and examined whether they give you the opportunity to practice and get comfortable through a legit demo platform.

Great news, demo accounts are available at City Index. Read on to find out details about these paper accounts at City Index and take a look at key fees and services they provide.

Opening a demo account at City Index is straightforward
Adam Nasli
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I did some heavy duty testing and analysis of the services of City Index with our analyst team by opening a real-money account with them. We put their account opening process under the microscope and these were our most important findings on using a demo account with them:

  • You can open a free demo account at City Index just as you would open a trading account.

  • Fees charged by City Index are Low. Read on to see the quality of their educational materials.

  • Visit our comprehensive City Index review for 2024 for the full scoop on their services and fees.

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Opening a demo account at City Index

One of the smartest moves you can make as a new trader is taking advantage of a broker's demo account, also called paper trading. It allows you to paper trade with virtual funds until you get the hang of analyzing the markets, placing orders, testing strategies - the whole nine yards. All without that looming fear of accidentally blowing up your entire bankroll while you're still green.

If you sign up for the City Index demo account, - which by the way is free of charge - you will get acquainted with their trading software and platform setup in a completely risk-free environment. You can click around, experiment with different order types, play around with charts and tools - basically get a feel for their whole trading ecosystem before you dip your toes in the live markets.

When it comes to setting up a demo account, brokers typically give you two options. You can simply sign up for their demo platform right from the jump without opening a full-fledged live trading account first. Pretty seamless process usually. You provide some basic personal info, maybe proof of ID, and bam - you've got demo access to their trading platform.

Option number two requires an extra step. With some brokers, you actually have to open up a legitimate cash trading account with them first before you can activate the demo mode. So you'll go through the entire account opening process - providing MORE detailed personal/financial info, doing things like KYC checks, funding the account with real money, etc. And only once that full trading account is approved and operational can you then flip the switch to set up their demo platform.

Account opening interface at City Index

Fees and service quality at City Index

The fees that a broker charges for using their services are actually a big deal. Why? These fees are like an airline's baggage costs. If you are a frequent flyer, those baggage fees can really start nickel-and-diming you if you're not careful. The same principle applies to trading fees from your broker; the commissions, financing rates, custody fees, or inactivity fees, can start feeling like a million tiny little termites slowly nibbling away at your potential profits.

So our analyst team did some heavy duty testing and analysis of City Index's services to give you the full insider scoop. We went all-in by actually opening up a legit, real-money trading account, testing their services from account opening to customer service to actual trading. After going through the trenches as actual City Index clients, here is a rundown of their most important fees and services.

City Index in a nutshell: City Index is a global CFD broker, regulated by many financial authorities including the top-tier UK FCA. Its parent company, StoneX Group Inc. is listed on the NASDAQ Stock Exchange.

City Index fees and service highlights

City Index fees class Low
City Index S&P 500 CFD spread 0.4
City Index withdrawal fee $0
Deposit methods Bank transfer, Credit/debit cards, PayPal
Minimum deposit $0
Platform tutorial videos Yes
Quality educational texts Yes
Webinars Yes

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If you want the completely unfiltered truth about City Index, you gotta check out BrokerChooser's deep-dive City Index review for 2024. Our team goes to the deepest depths to analyze City Index from every conceivable angle, scrutinizing nearly 600 individual data points on the broker.

We dive headfirst into the actual City Index experience as real traders, open up legitimate trading accounts and execute live trades on their platforms.You know why? Because there's no better way to truly understand how a broker operates than by being an actual customer going through the trenches.

Alternatively, take a look at this ranking of the best brokers for beginners, put together by our analyst crew. This roundup is based on deep, extensive research into what makes a broker truly beginner-friendly. Discover how City Index stacks up against these best in class online brokers.

Check out this short video for a behind-the-scenes peek into how our experts personally test and evaluate brokers.

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