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12h ago  has its own self-developed web trading platform. In addition, you can also use the MetaTrader 4 platform (not available for UK clients) and TradingView.

While the broker's proprietary web trading platform is easy-to-use and well-designed, with clear fee reports and a two-step login, it has its drawbacks. When testing the interface, our experts found that customizability is limited and price alerts are not available. 

The web trading platform is available in many languages. web trading platform languages
English Dutch German Swedish Italian
Spanish French Chinese Russian Norweigan
Malaysian Indonesian Vietnamese Thai Polish

Look and feel

The web trading platform is intuitive and comes with an appealing design. All the important functions, such as search and portfolio reports, can be found easily. The lack of customizability is an annoying feature, though. review - Web trading platform

Login and security provides a more secure, two-step login option, which is great.

Search functions

The search functions are good. There are pre-set categories where you can search (e.g. US stocks, indices, commodities), but there is also a search bar where you can enter your search terms manually. review - Web trading platform - Search

Placing orders offers the basic order types, with no advanced ones like One-Cancels-the-Other (OCO) available. You can use the following order types:

  • Market
  • Limit / Stop
  • Stop-loss / Take profit
  • Guaranteed stop

To get a better understanding of these terms, read our overview of order types.

The web trading platform has two order time limits you can use: Good 'til time (GTT) and Good 'til cancel (GTC). review - Web trading platform - Order panel

Alerts and notifications

You cannot set price alerts and notifications on the web trading platform. This is a miss in our view as it is a useful feature for users.

Portfolio and fee reports has clear portfolio and fee reports. They can be found under the 'Reports' tab, and you can immediately send it to yourself in an email and download it as a CSV file, which is very convenient.

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