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Barclays SIPP charges explained

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Do SIPPs cost more?

Wanting to control you investments for you retirement is a very natural thing. The Self-Invested Personal Pension (SIPP) is a type of personal pension that allows you to manage your pension pot in a tax-efficient way. And SIPP charges are not that different from normal trading fees.

SIPP is a great option if you want to control your own investments. Typically, SIPP accounts do not cost more than having a trading account, while with SIPP you can also take advantage of the tax benefits.

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But first, let's see what fees you need to take into account when opening a SIPP account!

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What are the SIPP charges at Barclays

Fees associated with a SIPP account are generally the same ones you would to pay when holding a regular trading account with a broker. If you want to learn more about what these fees mean, check out our explainer.

Here is an overview of the typical fees for a SIPP account:

Non-trading fees:

  • Account fees: fixed amount, or a percentage of the value of the portfolio
  • Custody fees: fixed fee charged for managing your account
  • Inactivity fees: charged after a certain amount of time you stop using your account

Trading fees: charged when you invest in an asset (same as with a trading account)

  • It depends on what asset you trade and on which market
  • You might need to pay a conversion fee if your transaction requires a currency conversion
SIPP related fees at Barclays
Account fee
Annual SIPP management fees
$169.0 $180.0 $0.0
Custody fee
Inactivity fee
UK stock
US stock
EU/UK government bond
US Treasury bond
Fund trading fee
$7.5 $0.2 $0.1

Data updated on June 17, 2024

Are there other SIPP related charges to consider?

No, the table above covers all costs that might occur when using a SIPP account. However, if you decide to move your pension to another service provider, the sending service provider might charge you a transfer out cost.

It is either a:

  • Fixed fee: e.g. $145 per transfer
  • Variable fee: that is calculated per asset in portfolio

Let's see the how much it would cost to transfer a portfolio with 10 assets.

Transfer out cost of a pension portfolio of 10 assets at Barclays & competitors
SIPP transfer portfolio out fee
$0 $0 $141

Data updated on June 17, 2024

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