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Best free trading apps in 2018

Best free trading apps in 2018
| Gergely Korpos Gergely Korpos

Mobile apps have become very popular and this is not a coincidence. They are making your life easier. You can buy flight tickets, book accommodations or even trade on the stock exchange by using them.

There are a lot of trading apps out there so we save your time and selected for you the best free trading apps.

What are trading apps great for?

A trading app has all the functionalities what a web-based trading platform can provide. You can read financial news, find great trading ideas, buy and sell stocks and follow the price of your trades. You can even improve your financial education. However, trading apps are usually less convenient to use.

We see the trading apps as great complementary tools for the web or desktop based trading platform and other financial portals. For example, when you want to find a great stock, you should make fundamental or technical analyses via a computer, but follow the price of your bought stock via a trading app. You also can interact very fast via an app whenever your position needs an active intervention, like selling your stocks.

You can take advantage of a trading app in all three stages of your investment journey: the learning phase, the trading idea phase, and the trading phase.


Withing trading apps we created four subgroups to make your life easier when you select: trading apps, charting and trading idea apps, market data and news apps and learning apps. The trading apps are further divided into three groups based on different trading purposes: stock trading apps, forex trading apps and CFD trading apps.

The best trading apps in 2018 are:

Best trading apps in 2018
Name Score Android/iOS
Best apps for stock trading
Saxo Bank ★★★★★ Android, iOS
Interactive Brokers ★★★★☆ Android, iOS
DEGIRO ★★★★☆ Android, iOS
Swissquote ★★★★☆ Android, iOS
Best app for forex trading
Oanda ★★★★☆ Android, iOS
Best apps for CFD trading
IG ★★★★★ Android, iOS
Plus500 ★★★★★ Android, iOS
Best apps for charting and trading ideas
TradingView ★★★★★ iOS
StockMarkets ★★★★★ Android, iOS
Stocktwits ★★★★★ Android, iOS
Best apps for market data and news ★★★★★ Android, iOS
Bloomberg ★★★★★ Android, iOS
Yahoo! Finance ★★★★☆ Android, iOS
Best apps for learning
Invstr ★★★★★ Android, iOS
Trading Game ★★★★☆ Android, iOS
Learn ★★★★☆ Android, iOS

After the short overview of the best trading apps in 2018, let's go ahead and look deeper into them.

We start with the apps best for trading since we believe these are the most exciting for you.