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How to invest in Bitcoin, Bitcoin CFDs, Bitcoin ETNs or Bitcoin Futures

| Tibor Bedő Tibor  Bedő

Did you know crypto exchanges are not the only way to get cryptos? They might not even be the best for you. They can be expensive and unsecure. In this article you will learn about crypto exchange alternatives and get introduced to established and regulated financial providers offering crypto investments.

At the end of the article you will know how to invest in Bitcoin, Bitcoin CFD, Bitcoin ETN or Bitcoin Futures.

How do we know this? We analyse financial institutions and help people to find the best stockbrokers. We understand brokerage and know the financial industry well. In the last months, readers asked us constantly how to invest in Bitcoins and cryptos. We looked into it, and compiled an easy to understand introduction.

As cryptos are extra risky, here is an extra risk warning. Only invest money in cryptos you are prepared to fully lose. Their price fluctuates like crazy. If my mom asked about Bitcoin, I would tell her not to touch it.

Still interested, ok, let’s get to it then. I reckon you want to buy Bitcoin from a cheap and secure source. Right? But what does this mean? Let’s break it down.

Buying Bitcoin means exchanging your Euro or Dollar to Bitcoin.

Cheap means depositing money to the exchange, doing the exchange and withdrawing your money doesn’t cost you a lot.

Secure is also important. When finance guys talk about security they mean:

  • The service provider is not a fraud, because it is
    • regulated, meaning they proved their capability to set up the business and run it.
    • audited, checked by an independent auditor
    • transparent, providing financial data, ownership, etc. to the public
  • The service provider can manage itself, because it has good
    • risk management (they are prepared to deliver when things go south)
    • operation (e.g. accessing the interface, giving orders, etc. work)
    • IT security from external attacks
  • Investors are compensated by the state if the service providers defaults. This is the so called investor protection. Note, you will not get compensated if your investment price drops. You will get compensated if your broker was a fraud or it defaulted.

It turns out, crypto exchanges are bad at both being cheap and secure. So, what are the alternatives? There are three other ways how to invest in Bitcoins, not known by many

  1. Going long in a Bitcoin CFDs, abbreviation for Contract for Differences
  2. Investing in passive funds, namely ETNs covering Bitcoins
  3. Going long on Bitcoin Futures

Let’s analyse them one by one. We will be fair with crypto exchanges and give them a run for their money. And to be fair, the alternatives are not perfect either. What should you do? As a step one, understand the differences. Here we go.