Best API trading platforms in 2021

Written by
Dóra N.
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Adam N.
Dec 2021

Finally... here's the list of best API trading platforms in 2021!

To find the best API trading platforms in 2021, we went ahead and did the research for you. After testing, analyzing and comparing 76 brokers, we selected 5 service providers as the top favorites. We highly recommend each one of them to you. And now, without further ado... here they are!

1. Alpaca Trading
2. Oanda
3. Saxo Bank
5. IG

Keep your eyes peeled because a more detailed report on these outstanding brokers is coming shortly. Follow our social media channels to find out when they are published. Stay tuned!

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Dóra Nagy
Dóra Nagy

Dóra is a former Product Owner for BrokerChooser. She initially joined us through capstone project work at CEU, focusing on trading APIs provided by brokers. This helped lay solid ground for working with the Tech team in her later role as Product Owner. BrokerChooser relied on her 10 years of Project Management experience, to manage IT and content-related topics.

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