BrokerChooser Awards 2021
Presenting the shortlist across all of the categories of the 2021 BrokerChooser Awards. Improved and extended ranking of 70+ brokers. Stay tuned for the release of the winners, coming early December!
BrokerChooser Awards shortlist
These brokerages are in the race to become the leaders in their categories.
Best online broker
Best discount broker
Best broker for stock trading
Best forex broker
Best discount forex broker
Best forex broker for beginners
Best broker for funds
Best broker for bonds
Best CFD brokers
Best broker for cryptos
Best broker for options
Best broker for futures
Best broker for beginners
Best free stock trading platform
Best broker for investing
Best broker for day trading
Best web trading platform
Best mobile trading platform
Best app for stock trading
Best desktop trading platform
Best MetaTrader broker
Best broker for API trading
Best social trading platform
Best broker for ESG
Best IRA broker
Methodology changes
  • We optimized the gathering of fee data via automation
  • We collected more than 20,000 data points for 70+ brokers
  • We sharpened the style and quality of our content
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While the whole team put in their fair share, the annual update effort was designed and overseen by
Co-founder / CPO
Gergely Korpos
Broker Expert
Ádám Nasli
Broker Analyst
Bence András Rózsa
Broker Analyst
András Iván
Senior Content Editor
Edith Balázs
Broker Expert
Gyula Lencsés, CFA
Content Editor
Gabriella Lovas
Content Editor
Tamás Deme
Balázs Szládek
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